Setting out to eliminate the conundrums that scarf-wearing women deal with on a day-to-day basis Layelle is a final fulfilment for a long-lasting dream: offering to veiled women a fashion that simply combines modernity, femininity and modesty. A modest fashion enthusiast myself I started this company as a platform and a haven for all you beautiful scarf lovers and turban queens.

Wearing a headscarf is an art that requires efforts and dexterity starting from the foundation up, so I embarked on the mission of creating not only fresh wrapping designs to revive an often-frustrating market, but also an arsenal of volume tools and under-caps able to uniquely support the world beneath the scarf that tends to fall to the wayside.

We are experienced in comfort and our designs are heavily influenced by casual/urban trends ideal for creating the instant glamour that you deserve quick, simple, and convenient without loosing the elegance factor.

Layelle’s mission is to set a decisive and merciless win over stereotypes by helping you make a fashion statement while still honouring religious requirements, inspire you to boost your morale after medical hair loss struggles, and empower you to proudly represent who you are to the world by offering you the means of creating a graceful look and keeping it flawless by securing headscarves in place from the bottom to the top.


And we’re only just beginning! Follow us as we grow our line with unique and innovative products to help you on your own scarf-wearing journey.


Anna Adams