Non-Slip Velvet Headband


This might be the hardest working unassuming item in the entire scarfing industry, a knight in velvety armor here to save you from constantly readjusting those pesky slippery scarves and stubborn rogue hair.


Count on our amazing rockstar product to keep your entire head-covering arsenal, from veils to wigs and wraps, in place. It’s a no-slip velvet wide-band crafted out of comfortable light-weight microfibers, a double-duty grip technology gentle yet powerful enough to stop many headcover from sliding away. Soft is the new strong!


Say a loud unapologetic goodbye to elastics, headaches, and pinched nerves. The design beautifully frames the face while providing a comfortably secure fit and it accommodates a wide variety of hair volumes without budging.


A real helpful velvet headband with benefits that you must feel to believe, so go ahead and secure one and continue browsing our awesome shop for plenty of trendy wraps to match it with.

More Information
~ Composition & Care Tips
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Handwashing (warm water) and air drying is recommended to extend the life of the headband.  The headband can also be washed with like colors in the washing machine delicate speed; air-dried.

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Lin Clements
Lin ClementsAug 24, 2021
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I've been hunting for the perfect under-wrap headband and I think I found it. It's not too tight, doesn't slip, and is super comfortable!
Mira Haydu
Mira Haydu Aug 19, 2021
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This volumizer is so awesome! So comfortable, it can be adjusted to fit your volume wants/needs, and the velvet helps keep turbans in place. The seller was also amazing, reached out ahead of time and sent very clear instructions with the package. Five gold stars!
Susann Jun 4, 2021
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Completely satisfied, this is easy to install , takes just seconds. Can be combined with any wrap. I left all the filling inside and have nice volume. Thank you very much, excellent work!
Mary fields
Mary fieldsSep 11, 2021
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Love it , makes a big difference with my wrap, will order again soon.
ShandaSep 10, 2021
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This is my second one. The quality is fantastic. I even wear it alone. Looking forward to ordering other colors. Great shop and service.
Jennifer Singh
Jennifer SinghSep 7, 2021
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Awesome quality! Easy to get a hold of! Great customer service ❤️
JenniferAug 14, 2021
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This hajiib is so comfortable. It is like a pillow. It fits perfectly, and doesn't slip. All the merch from this shop is of high quality. The owner is informative and quick to respond. The shipping is super FAST!!
Michele Aug 14, 2021
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Fantastic! Perfect and so easy-to-use for someone with hair loss. Quality materials. Only small downside is that it's a bit warm for summertime.
 Brandi Irby
Brandi Irby Aug 5, 2021
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Fast delivery, product arrived as described
Sweetie Pie Sable
Sweetie Pie SableJul 27, 2021
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I cried the first time I wore this. As a woman with medical issues that stunts hair and mail growth, this makes me feel beautiful with my head wraps now. Thank you for making me feel like an absolute princess.